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  • I spent a lot of time last night making the layout more user friendly. I liked the old layout better, but most people seem to like this, so I'm giving in to peer pressure and keeping this one. I also made a new logo which I like a lot. - December 31, 2000

  • Ok, I know it's been like two months, but that's ok. During these two months I've added a bunch of new little sections: Chicken, Haiku, Argue, Kids. Other than that I haven't done that much on the site because of school (henceforth known as "The great abyss of pain and disease"). I'm hoping to start up again once I learn Perl. Not only will I start adding more things, but I may even start adding new GOOD things. Don't get your hopes up though. - December 13, 2000

  • I've been changing LOTS of stuff and not telling you about it. If you've been coming, you've noticed the drastic design changes and the new sections. I really suggest Soul Dan, The Dancin Man!. - October 10, 2000

  • I changed the whole layout. It's now faster, more efficient, and prettier. - Sep 8, 2000

  • I said I updated the forum, but I really didn't! I actually just added a BIG thread about lots of controversial topics. I think it may be interesting. Go! Talk! Now! - August 10, 2000

  • I added a cartoon! It's at the bottom of this page! I got it from some site I found that lets you put cartoons on your site. I think it's pretty neat. It's also going to be updated EVERY DAY! And I don't have to do any work! hazzah! - August 6, 2000

  • I added a mailing list in the Mail Section. I doubt anyone's gonna sign up for it, but if you do, I'll love you for ever and ever! Well... Maybe I won't love you, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. - August 4, 2000

  • I updated some stuff... Got rid of the contest.... Oh! I also decided it would be in the best interest of all involved if I got rid of the Poetry section and replaced it with a Drunk Boot, so I did. - July 29, 2000

  • I put in a Poll and a Chat. They're up there on the top frame thingy. Go there! - July 26, 2000

  • You can now get Herezone Email!! I also added a spot for the Poetry Section which will be updated whenever I get some poems! - July 25, 2000

  • I changed the music frame on the bottom of the screen. I made sections and added about 10 songs. I think this'll make it easier, but if it doesn't, eh, who cares. - July 25, 2000

  • I opened up the News Section to admissions from anyone who wants to add to it. In fact, you can add to any section you want. Post suggestion in the forum, or e-mail me. Oh, I got a new hit counter too and fixed the hits by removing the 20000 extra from a couple days ago. - July 25, 2000

  • Yeah!! It should be working in both IE and Netscape now. HA! Take that evil internet demons! - July 23, 2000

  • I added the music frame at the bottom of the page. I also found out that these frames aren't working properly in Netscape. I'm trying to fix it, but I'm not being very successful. Chances are I'll figure it out eventually, so just bare with me. - July 23, 2000

  • I cheated the hit counter today! I didn't have enough hits to make my page look impressive enough so i added about 20000. Now as long as you don't read this, you'll be impressed by all my hits! - July 23, 2000

  • I'm going to be showing updates by the frame on the top now. Brown = Updated Recently, Black = Not.... Any questions? Too bad. - July 22, 2000

  • This isn't really an update, but a tip. For some reason my stupid pages keep saying "Page Cannot Be Displayed." If you get that, just refresh until it's fixed. I don't know what the problem is, so I'm hoping it'll fix itself like my polio.... - July 18, 2000

  • I put up the List Section and added a new row to the top frame so it wouldn't be so crowded. If you wanna add some Top Ten Lists, then go to the Forum and look for the message titled "Top Ten Lists" - July 18, 2000

  • Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Sun too dang hot! Cat destroys universe! Get these breaking stories and more in the News Section - July 17, 2000

  • I've also been experimenting with music... I wanna get it so people can pick whether they want back ground music and what it should be, but i can't decide if i should make it a frame thing, or a pop up window, or what. So, if you have any ideas, email me at - July 17, 2000

  • I've been messing around with some new layouts, and I think this frame layout is gonna work. It's at least seven bazillion times easier to update now too. - July 16, 2000

  • I also added a Games Section. - July 8, 2000

  • I added a Trivia Section. Now not only is The Here Zone your one stop for useless information, itís your one stop for MORE useless information! - July 5, 2000

  • I added a Dumb Laws section where you can see what "intelligent" legislative bodies are running the good old USA. - July 4, 2000

  • I added stuff to some of the sections, and I got a Message Board!! - July 3, 2000

  • I got rid of the theories section because no one was emailing me any theories. If I get some I may put it back up. I made this Dance Page to replace it. It'll get better eventually. -July 2, 2000

  • I got rid of the holiday section because it was stupid, and I put a Weird City Names section in it's place. It's at least moderately less stupid than the holidays page. - July 1, 2000

  • Are you scared of really really stupid things and want to know what to call yourself? If so, go to the Phobias Page. - June 28, 2000

  • What's that Huh page all about anyways? I dunno! Someone gave em to me and told me to put them up. I liked them, so i did. - June 3, 2000

  • I added the Links Page, an outline of the Theories Page, a Question and Answer page, and a contest. - June 1, 2000

  • I added the Quotes Page and I'm probably going to add one or two more today, all these pages will be updated, so don't worry about them being terrible. - May 27, 2000

  • I learned a lot from the Rinkworks page, enough to make a new layout from scratch, and this is it. - May 26, 2000

  • I took the Rinkworks page layout today, and I'm changing it around to make it my own, I'm also learning the HTML that will eventually create our finished site. - May 24, 2000

  • I learned some more HTML! - May 22, 2000


Anyone who wants me to put something up, email it to I may put it up, I may not. I'm in charge so I can decide stuff like that.

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