Here Zone!

The Here Zone, because wherever you go, you're always Here


  1. Rink Works - A really good humor site, I learned most of my HTML by copying theirs and then butchering it horribly.

  2. Douglas Adams Quotes - I love Douglas Adams, I love his quotes, I love this page, I love those little hotdogs that taste really good, but I hate when they get burnt, cause it seems like a real waste of little hotdogs that taste good.

  3. Ted's Midis - The site where I got the music for the Dance Page. He has lots of high quality music on there, I strongly recommend it.

  4. Funtrivia - A really good site with a bunch of forum. It has a bunch of useless facts and other things that put my site to shame.

  5. Coolsigs - A site with LOTS of email signature things, I got some of my quotes from here, so it MUST be good!

  6. Dumb Laws - This is the page I got all my dumb laws from. A good site.

  7. Easily Amused - Well... This site is for... The easily amused.... Naturally, I enjoyed it.

  8. Absolute Trivia - Ooooh... Useless facts....

  9. Useless Shtuffs - A whole bunch of useless stuff! I thought it'd fit well with The Here Zone.

  10. Black Hole - A treasure trove of uselessness! This is a really nice page with a bunch of the same stuff as The Here Zone. Go there, but only when you're not here ;-)

  11. - Rates and reviews humor sites in a variety of categories, including joke sites, joke mailing lists, comics, weird news, humor lists, and more.