Here Zone!

The Here Zone, because wherever you go, you're always Here

Meet "MEGAN THE DOG"!  "MEGAN THE DOG" is my new pet secratary, and he's gonna answer all your questions.  Just write to with a question, and chances are it'll show up here.

Question:  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Answer:  Shut up....

Question:  How DO they cram all that graham?

Answer:  Ok, I've been asked this question many a time, if I have to answer this just once more....  grrrr...  Anyways, this is the final time I will be giving the answer to this.  They cram all that gram by adding the proper combinations of herbs and spices.

Question:  I like you Megan The Dog.

Answer:  Was that a question?


"MEGAN THE DOG" just got a new hat, it's pretty and white and he likes it.  He would also appreciate being called "MEGAN THE LAWYER" from now on.  I think the hat's gone to his head.

Question:  What do I do if my leg's on fire

Answer:  In my opinion I think screaming would be appropriate.  I would then find out who it as that started the afor-mentioned fire on your leg.  You could have quite a case if the fire was started due to neglect.  You're going to need a lawyer too.

Question:  Did any of these questions come from real people, or were they all just made by the webmaster to get people interested?

Answer:  Well....  uhhhh...  maybe I DID write these, but that doesn't change the fact that uhhh....  SHUT UP!  Why're you asking me anways??  I mean, you're me!  You already knew the answer and now you just let out our secret!!!  Oh bother, I've confused myself.  I wish to take the fifth.


"MEGAN THE DOG/LAWYER" has been delving into the interesting and lively art of black magic.  Be nice, or he'll explode your head.

Question:  Why're you talking about this dog all the time???  I hate that stupid dog!!!

Answer:  Death to you and all you stand for.

Question:  Where can I get one of those neato hats?

Answer:  Death to you and all you stand for.

Question:  What should I say to my girl friend if I want her to marry me?

Answer:  Death to you and all you stand for.

Question:  I'm studying black magic and I want to say something to scare my enemies, what should I say?

Answer:  Sorry...  I really can't help on this one, I have no idea...

Question: Who's zeebles?

Answer: I met her in college... I was really drunk and feeling very unloved... I don't feel like talking about this right now...