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nonchalant - cool, carefree, and casually unconcerned                      digress - to stray from the desired topic in writing or speaking                      facilitate - to assist or make easier                      fanciful - indulging in fancy; showing invention or whimsy                      philanthropy - efforts to benefit mankind as by charitable aid                      wither - to dry up or shrivel; to droop or lose freshness                      prodigy - an exceptionally talented child                      austere - harsh, strict, or severe in discipline                      sporadic - occurring at irregular intervals                      tact - the ability to appreciate the delicacy of a situation and react politely                      embellish - to decorate with added detail                      mundane - commonplace, ordinary, everyday                      catalyst - that which instigates a reaction or event                      apathy - lack of emotion or feeling; disinterest in or disassociation from                      mayhem - needless or willfull damage or destruction                      sagacious - having a keen sense of perception; wise or discerning                      debonair - gentle; courteous; charming; of good upbringing                      rejuvenate - to make refreshed or like new again                      fervor - intense feeling and/or expression; passion                      humility - humbleness; lack of pride